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Guide to PES 2009 on the PlayStation 3

PES 2009 is set to erase all the mired impressions that last year's edition left out to fans, particularly with the PlayStation 3 version. To say the least, many football fans (particularly PES fans) were disappointed that it failed to deliver. However, Konami took it on stride and utilized the many criticism they received to improve on Pro Evo Soccer 2009.

The annoying gameplay, unimpressive visuals, and several bugs almost saw the game lose its reign as the top football franchise in the market. However, Konami worked on fixing these problems for ProEvo Soccer 09 and utilize current-gen technology to restore the gameplay and retain football glory. With quite a promising FIFA 09 edition, PES 09 needs to double its efforts if it wants to rise from the slump it experienced last year. Hopefully a few gameplay tweaks, visual enhancements and new gameplay elements will the trick for PES 2009.

First off, Pro Evo Soccer 09 improved their ante and also sports a new menu system. This new menu is comparably easier to navigate and makes full use of the game's imagery and animation. Getting around the game is now comparably done with much ease and yet that is just the silver lining as to how the game looks like once you have reached the actual gameplay.

PES 2009 offers new enhancements and gameplay modes to increase the level of football action. The most prominent in all modes for Pro Evo Soccer 09 is the Become A Legend mode. This neat new mode enables you to choose an individual players and track his performance until he establishes a professional football career. When that player performs well with his team for PES 09, he will eventually attract the attention of professional football clubs. This could seal his deal en route a professional career. However, if he does not improve his performance on the field, then he will get a low mark towards the end of the game and that is not how you impress in Pro Evo Soccer 2009.

Critics are saying that PES 09's Become A Legend mode closely resembles that of FIFA 09's Be A Pro mode. However, Konami defends that this is merely an extension of the previous 'fix' mode that have been running in PES games. And while there are certain similarities with that of FIFA, Be A Legend mode in PES 2009 looks to be more extensive. In this mode, you cannot call for the ball so it makes the game more challenging than most of you would think of this mode. The team you're playing with also does reflect how you perform as you are limited to your teammates' ability. If you fail to produce goals while on the field, you could end up in the bench for most part of Pro Evo Soccer 2009.

Speaking of teammates, they will play a more crucial role in PES 2009 more than ever with the Teamvision AI system. Although you control your player, you will find this system impressive because your teammate will refuse to pass you the ball unless you are in a strong position. This system encourages more intelligent runs and efficient plays, which is an excellent feature for Pro Evo Soccer 09.

The new Manual Control mode for PES 09 offers you unrestricted control over how you run your plays on field. This extends out to how often (or not) you switch players; the same goes with who holds possession of the ball as you execute plays. In fact, you can even lay off a ball and continue running with it, which makes for some really intelligent plays for PES 2009.

The overall gameplay in Pro Evo Soccer 09 considerably has a slower pace than last year' release and now has more emphasis on ball control. Developers even took the time to develop a realistic physics for use on the ball so they become physically independent. This means the ball in PES 09 is more reactive to wet conditions or certain types of grass. There are indeed more realistic reactions to the ball that makes PES 2009 a really interactive game. Plus, this new physics to the ball is useful when players execute standard motions or independent tricks.

Other modes and gameplay elements also went through some enhancements for Pro Evo Soccer 2009. For instance, the Player-Editor Mode has been expanded so it is now possible for gamers to import files from an external device and add logos into your kit. Now that both PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the game are equipped with a USB data drive support, it is not possible to make use of this new enhancement for PES 2009.

Meanwhile, the Master League in PES 09 is also much improved and realistic. Whenever deals are made in which players or clubs alike find do not work to their favor, you can expect them to react on the pitch. All these efforts contribute to producing a really interactive game such as Pro Evo Soccer 09. The multiplayer elements for PES 2009 got some revisions too; in fact, four players can now play simultaneously online, whether in ranked or standard matches, and even in the Be A Legend mode.

As for PES 09's visual representation, expect to find a game that has been graphically improved. It might even be said that Pro Evo Soccer 09 is the first game to deliver the current-gen game look with an impeccable lighting system, which is a major leap from previous games. The defensive animations too, thankfully, has went through some major work. Indeed, you might notice all the action animation in PES 2009 to be more smoother and realistic. Player likeness is also much more accurate this time for Pro Evo Soccer 2009, which is something that sets it apart from its rival.

Although Konami received not-so-pleasant feedback from their release last year, they certainly benefited from the critical responses and worked on those areas that proved lacking to create a more sound game with PES 09. It is time for Konami to raise the level of their game a notch higher, especially with FIFA raring to steal the spotlight when it comes to football gaming supremacy.

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