PGA Advice on Buying a Golf Glove

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Golf gloves are an essential form of protection and game enhancement. They are designed to give the golfer added grip when grasping the club and also to provide protection, preventing uncomfortable blisters on the palm of the hand. Most golfers wear at least one golf glove and what's more, they wear it on the opposite hand than the one they favour. So if you're a left handed player, you should wear a right hand golf glove.

It is essential to wear a golf glove that fits your hand perfectly. If you wear a glove that is too big, it could affect your grip and possibly make your club twist on impact with the ball. If you wear one that is too small, it could affect your circulation and, of course, lessen the life of your golf glove. Golf Gloves are typically available in a choice of five sizes including Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large and XL.

There are a number of different materials used to make golf gloves. High end designs are typically made of thin leather, such as Cabretta leather. These are superbly soft and give excellent feel and grip. However, they are counter productive if you're playing in wet weather as they can become very slippery. For more mid-range gloves, there are leather/synthetic combinations which are mostly leather but have a synthetic, possibly microfibre palm.

At the budget end, which is a great choice for inclement weather, you will find the All Weather golf glove. These are made of synthetic material and a great choice if the conditions are cold, damp or downright soaking!

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