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Watch out for seller - cmedlam

Changed his username to gilletteve on 20-Apr-06

Scammed me up to £300 on the new Nokia phones

After paying £300 + Western Union Transfer fee to seller, seller lied that he sent 10 phones instead of 5 that I wanted. He told me to go and pay an additional Money for the remaining 5phones which I never paid.

He never returned my £300 and never sent any phones at all.

If you see an advertisment on the new Nokia phones offereing about 10-50 Nokia phones for £200 or more please DO NOT BUY.

Sellers of this kind are mostly from ROMANIA, ITALY, GERMANY AND USA. Some of their Mail addresses are - sacurgabanii@, baietiibuni77@, lorelay_seller@, cell_phones_01@, creative_i@, powersell65@, walterbo555@,  clickforphones@,  sellmy_phones@, dealsthroughebay@, globalphonezone@

I dealt with a lot of them and they tell you to pay by western union or transfer money through bank accounts. At the end of the day you lose out because they will not send you any Phones.At one time, I won a guys bid on some of these phones and he said he doesn't sell through ebay, most of them sell through mails and not through ebay.




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