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Plasma might be king amongst the most desirable products this year, but there is more than one flatscreen technology vying for your hard-earned cash. Lcd, the hang-on-the-wall kid on the block, is pushing plasma for the number-one spot. It may have started out as a small-screen alternative to plasma, with 15in and 17in TVs spinning off the PC market, but LCD's liquidcrystal display technology is nowgoing head-to-head with plasma's gasses.

Plasma still has the edge in terms of size, making the biggest statement, but lcd now boasts a 42", and there are many more bigscreen LCDs due for introduction over the next few years. The battle of the hang-on-the-wall giants is really hotting up now, and there's likely to be only one winner!

Traditional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs have really got their work cut out to compete with these new flatescreen giants, and some of the world's biggest manufacturers have decided that CRT's days are numbered.

However, CRT still has the edge when it comes to quility. The best CRT sets producethe most detailed stable and high contrast pictures, with the most realistic colours. The problem is that they're fat and heavy, and you'd rather have a flat TV!

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