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How many times have sellers been accused of selling something misleading?  How many times have buyers accused sellers of misleading adverts?  I'll tell you how many - hundreds, if not thousands of feedback throughout ebay is representative of either customers being genuinely mislead and sellers not being clear enough or buyers NOT READING CAREFULLY WHAT THEY ARE BUYING!!!!

Sellers must be very careful when listing their items, particularly if they come in different guises and there are many variations of the same item that they are selling - be genuine in your description - do an almost idiot guide to what you are selling - this way buyers will be appreciative of your genuine description (even if it goes on abit) - at least this way you cannot be held responsible if the buyer gets it wrong.

Buyers - you have the responsibility for knowing what you are bidding on.  PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN BID ON ITEMS - they do not always read the full print and often do not know what they are bidding on.  Too many times i have come across other sellers feedback whereby they have been accused of selling something misleading - sometimes the customer is right and the advert is very misleading and as such deserve neutral or negative feedback, But on the other hand, sometimes the feedback is totally unjustified because the buyer has not read the advert correctly.

As a powerseller on ebay i am very clear in my adverts what i sell.  I accurately describe all my items as best i can - for it is in my interest to keep my customers happy at all times - because i want them to come back and appreciate the items i sell as being accurately described to the best of my ability. 

You too can enjoy this pleasure of selling many items to new buyers and to welcoming return buyers by listing accurately, by making sure that customers can ask you questions if need be and by being as honest as possible.

As a buyer please read carefully, take some time to ensure that you know what you are buying - if you are unsure then ask.  If you don't get an answer from any questions asked - the simple solution is NOT TO BUY - then you won't be disappointed if the item bought is not what you thought it was.  On the other hand sellers - do take time to answer questions and then your customer will happily buy your item with complete faith -

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide - i hope it has helped you in some way - Please vote if it has - Cheers!! 

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