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If you agree with my comments please hit YES so ebay can be aware and ill be submitting this to ebay.

If you do not agree hit NO.


Few rules here for when dealing with this not so fantastic pp points nonsense.

1.You must pay via paypal via checkout..... But check this out i had issues on checkout.. so the seller sent me several money requests to my paypal account and i paid the amount in full.

2.Ebay claim i havent sone so but i sent them id numbers of the sale. Awaiting a response. But the seller is paying his fees on what he has sold as well as me completing a sale with them and leaving feeback so where has my PP Points gone.???its a mystery

3.Very strange how they go a walk abouts and such a high amount as well 750 pounds x 3 is money i could do with in consideration on how we sell on ebay and the fees and then paypal fees we get charged are so high ever wonder if its worth selling on ebay now days..

4. to add to this im tired of emailing and getting auto responses or some nieve under-educated member of staff to fee me some nonsense and illustrate no care in the world or second to ring up and to speak with someone from non uk residents from some native country who have not a clue and it becomes more frustrating more pointless and then to end with no direction or conclusion.

So be careful when you get a checkout issues on ebay.. sooner fic it than pay.i wouldnt like to imagine ebay dont deliberatly put this flaw in the system to void any pppoints on high perchases but can you tell me diffrent ebay??

To conclude this the pp point scheme is a total failure to its customers and does nothing for ebay i sooner it scrapped than be on here to frustrate us with there wannabe tescos clubcard approach so for this months sellers fees i owe you aint getting a penny till you resolve prompt my issue !

just as prompt as you make demand on late sellers fees ect...but sooner make a demand notice when dont.


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