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There are many things you can do to stop yourself from being left out of pocket from a fraudster


Paypal Payments

  1. Never go by your msn e-mail. Unfortunatly fraudsters are very good at fake paypal payment e-mails. Ive recieved 3 now and on the last one i was alittle unsure.
  2. Always check your ebay sold page. If the £ sign is blank it means they havent paid.
  3. Check your paypal account. If the buyer has paid via paypal then it will definetly be shown


Recieving checks

  1. Never ever send an item untill the cheque has cleared. If you do your at risk of the buyer cancelling the cheque.
  2. Check online if you can or ring your bank to make sure the cheque has cleared.


Cash in an envelope -  I wouldnt recommend accepting


Never post an item untill you have the cash first!

Do not be fooled by an e-mail that says "Once you pump in the tracking number the money will be released" its fake!  unfortunatly this message fooled my friend, she was conned over £400 on a laptop.


It's your decision on what payment method you wish to accept.

I recommend paypal as its a faster method to use. Just remember when using paypal they want a tracking number. Yes this is true, i found out myself when i wrung them. They stated "When using our service you need to provide us with a tracking number, how else are we supposed to know the items been posted"

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