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Over the past few years i have seen various types of scams on ebay and to think that most sellers only look at buyers that request your items shipped to nigeria is funny as there are even more sinister scams on ebay.

Personally i make it a point of duty to write it in any item i am selling that i will not ship to nigeria because i know the risks in shipping to nigeria and not that i dislike the place or any nigerians. Infact, I love nigeria as i have strong family ties to the place as i am sure some other legit people on ebay do.

The latest scam that i think might be rocking ebay soon is the id theft scam being done by romanians, nigerians, americans and even british.

When you advertise on ebay, you could recieve a mail asking you about the item you are selling and that for some strange reason they are not sure you are selling a legitimate item because they have seen an identical advert from another user for the same item and maybe it could be a fraudster or you are the fraudster as their has been some kind of copyright infringement. Their mail also supplies a link to where you can view the other item they are talking about.
And that is where the scam comes in.

If you click on the link, it actually takes you to a dummy ebay site and you are required to login again. The link is actually not an ebay site but maybe some kind of server that stores your password and user id and will say the item has been removed. You now feel ok the person has removed the listing and carry on with your business, but what has happened is you have just given away your logging details and maybe the logging details for ur paypal account also.

My simple solution to this is.

1. Report any suspicious emails to ebay and let them handle it.
2. Never use the same password for your email address, ebay account and paypal account as if either gets compromised, the others are safe.
3. Never store passwords in your draft messages in your email address.
4. Always check a bidders feedback and if you see there has been some inactivity on that account for a while before you item was bid on, be on your guard.
5. Please share your security tips with other ebay members as this might help them in the future.

I hope this has helped



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