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This is now my 2nd guide and since my first guide is about how to protect yourself from fraudulent/scams on ebay and is a success which i believe has helped many people, I thought why not write a guide about how people can overcome Hayfever.

I Myself am a hayfever sufferer and for others who have hayfever - I am asure you are aware how it can ruin your summer.  Well follow my tips and i can assure you your next summer will be better than the rest.

REMEMBER: Anyone can have hayfever.  You can be born with it like me or you can develop symptons any time of the year (summer mainly).  The common type of hayfever is allergic to pollen from grass but you do get others who are allegic to tree pollen as well.

Preventions (when indoor):

  1. Always close all windows and doors to prevent pollen from getting in.  Even on a hot summers day where pollen count will be high.  This is when it is good to have AC.
  2. Try not to hang clothes outside to dry as pollen can stick to them but dry them inside.
  3. Wash and change your clothes everyday especially when you have been outside.
  4. If you've been outdoor, have a shower and wash your hair to remove any excess pollen.
Preventions (when outdoor): If you are going out and you know your going to be going on grass or near follow these steps:

  1. Have any medication first that your doctor prescribe or you bought over the counter - i found the benadryl allergy relief tablets to be the best and most expensive as well
  2. Nasal spray/eye drops all these help
  3. Get a good night sleep the day before.  This is vital to help build a stronger immune system.
  4. WEAR SUNGLASSES - This is probably the best help as it worked best for me on a hot day walking on grass - hayfever did not affect me and i am a strong sufferer but until they broke at the end which is when i suffered bad :(
  5. Place a thin layer of vaseline around the inside of the nasal area (nose). Helps to stop the pollen going in any further.
  6. Try Homeothapy - natural soutions to help cure hayfever.  Try brands such as weleda. I have a spare one brand new not been opened for £9.99 if anyone is interested - contact me. Contains a nasal spray and some pollen tablets (2x100 tablets).
  7. Have a teaspoon of honey in the morning about 1/2 months before when your hayfever starts.
  8. Try red light.  Its an expensive solution but helps to prevent runny nose.  Does not do much for runny eyes though i believe.
Ill continue to add steps when i come accross new ideas and solutions.  Contact me if you have any ideas you tried that have worked for you. AND DONT FORGET TO VOTE PLEASE - THANK YOU.
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