PS1 Broken Sword 2 - 10/10

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Here we go. Broken Sword 2 is an fantastic playstation puzzler that will set your brain on fire. It has some fantastic graphics for an early game and really makes you think. If you don't even like puzzle games (I didnt:)) then you will still enjoy this game, it is amusing and contains an exellent story to enjoy.

The Story:

You play George Stobbart a young man in love with his girlfriend Nico. They take a short day out to visit an artifact museum where it results that the manager they wish to see isn't there. Instead it is an indian working for a rebel group. As George turns his back he gets planted by a bat and falls into a chair in the main room, while he is unconsious the indian kidnaps Nico and makes an escape placing a deadly spider on the floor. George must escape the mansion using your knowledge, and seek for his abducted girlfriend to realise his role. 9/10

The Gameplay:

Broken Sword 2 has some great gameplay in it. The amount of mindblowing puzzle's and funny comments, never make you want to put the game down! There are lots of things to investigate, people to talk too, and secret items to collect. On your journey you will visit Paris, London, Jamica, and mexico. There are so many puzzle's that are incredibley hard to complete it makes the game that much better. 10/10

The Graphics:

Broken Sword 2 has some amazing graphics! For an early game along with Broken Sword 1 it includes detailed animated cartoon graphics (Much like Discworld but better:)) and some beautifull backgrounds. BS2 also has some short detailed FMV's thats like watching a cartoon. For a puzzle game they are one of the best I have seen. 10/10

The Sound/Music

The game has some great sounds included. It sounds almost realistic, there is full speech throughout the whole game, all with different accents. It is a pleasure to listen too.
The Music is however, a letdown slightly. The music is repeated sometimes and doesnt last ver long when it isnt. There are some nice tunes sometimes, but are really short. The theme tune and prelude however is quite nice to listen too. 7/10


Broken Sword 2 lasts quite a long time for a puzzler. On average it is about 15 hours of pure, intelligent gameplay. The puzzles will take you ages, and you willa lways get stuck on the game, theres lots to explore also, and many places you visit, making it a long and well worth it game to play. 9/10


This puzzler is worth playing again. After completion you will want to find out everything, beat the game as fast as you can and try not to get stuck on any puzzle the second time round:) Leave it a while after finishing it and see how you do on your next game. 9/10


Broken Sword 2: The smoking mirror is by far my favourite puzzle game on the PSX. I reccomend it to anyone with a playstation to give this game a go. Its really hard and takes a while to finish but well worth your time to pick up and play!
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