PS2 DEvil May Cry 2 Review - 9/10

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Devil May Cry 2 by Capcom is the next Chapter of Devil May Cry 1. When I found out, I was crazy to get it! I honestly love this game and it is the best of 2003 without a doubt, Capcom does it again.

Storyline - Dante, a Half Demon and Half Human is back on a new quest by joining forces with Mysterious Lovely Lucia against a new breed of the Underworld Demons and a Leader who destroying a city with the work of the Devils.

Graphic - 9.5/10 - The Graphics is simply amazing with new Stages, enemies and Bosses. Most of all, new moves. Dante, Lucia and the Game look better cooler as it harder then ever on Playstaion 2.

Sound - 9/10 - Absolutely amazing, great sound effects with guns, jumping, music and the environments. There nothing bad about this one.

Game Play - 8/10 - On Devil May Cry 1, there lots more Combos and good Sword fighting, In Devil May Cry 2, there wasn't much for Dante, his gun fighting really improved which I believe Capcom spend too much time and work on, they should improve his Sword Fighting more if they going to make another Devil May Cry game. Also, Dante's Devil Trigger Powers are way cooler then Devil May Cry 1 in some ways for both characters. Lovely Lucia makes up for Sword Fighting. Her skills is just amazing. Her weapons and Devil Trigger Powers, they are so cool. There no complain about her, just Dante. Also, the Camera should be a little closer sometimes like Devil May Cry 1, it hard to see sometimes in the Dark Areas.

Controls - The Controls a little fuss, you just got to get used to it. But, It would of been more easier of changing the Devil Trigger Powers during the game play instead of going to Equipment Screen. Example, in Devil May Cry 1 press R3 (I think) to change Fire and Thunder Devil Trigger Powers.

Story - 8/10 The Story is not bad. It was ok in some ways but hard to understand. Dante make his trash talking and jokes as always which brings the fun in this game. He simply Hilarious and Serious. Most of all, Smart. But Lucia is very serious when it come to Battle.

Replay Value - 9.5/10 - Oh yeah, just like Devil May Cry 1, with Stylish Combos and Gun Fighting is definitely in Devil May Cry 2. This game just make you keep playing and playing!!! It not stopping me, I am sure you won't stop either!! Lots of Secrets to unlock which I will not spoil to tell you.

Overall - 9.0 - All you just read is 100% honest because I am a big fan of Devil May Cry and Capcom Games. But I hope they make more improvements what I just talk about and better storyline. Believe or not, Devil May Cry 2 is a lot more spooky than Devil May Cry 1.

One more thing, if you never tried Devil May Cry 1, and you buying Devil May Cry 2 . I suggest you by Devil May Cry 1 first, to understand the environments and fighting. Then buy Devil May Cry 2 .
Buy or Rent first....But I recommend, Buy them both!!
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