PS2 DEvil May Cry 3 Review - 9/10

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How long has it been since a game has kicked your ass?How long since one has beat you down and put a blade in your belly? For me it was a long time. That's why I like Devil May Cry 3. It took an old school approach, and doesn't hold your hand. It makes you think, and you will. It will make you faster. Soon, you'll be reacting in a split second. That is a marvelous thing indeed. DMC 3 shall not soon be forgotten. It will kick your ass, and send you home to mommy.

Graphics 8.5/10
The graphics are pretty good for the PS2. I noticed quite a few clipping errors, and a few other small bugs. Aside from these faults, there isn't much to complain about. Things are flashy. Dante will be all over the place. The game is fluid, and when it slows down, it kinda makes things look really cool. Weird, I know, but the slow down isn't too bad. I almost like when the game slows, because you can watch the cool moves, Matrix style.

Story 9/10
Surprisingly, the story doesn't suck! Yay!! There are alot of cool twists, and the action is amazing. The cut-scenes are over the top, but it fits. I mean, Dante's a freakin' demon. Every time you get a new weapon, you get a little show. It's nice to be able to relax after a level. The actions will make you want more. The cut-scene at the end of Mission 7 is, in my opinion the greatest scene made in awhile.

Sound 10/10
I want the soundtrack! Even if you don't enjoy Heavy Metal(which I didn't) you'll soon be singing along. The music is good and it fits. It made me fight harder, just to amplify the music. It kicks in just at the right time. It will warn of enemies, which is good. The voice acting is suburb. It is almost movie-quality. Dante's one liner's are awesome. It's a good burst of comedy. I will end with a quote "C'mon Fido, let's go for a walk. Good boy."

Gameplay 10/10
I never knew you could run up a wall, split a dude in half in mid-air, land on another, and begin surfing on his shooting while spinning in circles. Welcome to Devil May Cry 3. This game oozes style. You'll be spinning and doing back flips. Soon, you'll be shifting weapons and blowing holes in stuff. The games style is stunning. The weapons are all very different. Damn it feels good to a Devil.

Design 9/10
I love the enemies. A few models look alot alike though, but otherwise it's all good. The weapons are kick-ass. Wait until you see Agni and Rundra in action. The bosses are cool(or in this case, as hot as) hell. Once again, he game oozes style.

In conclusion, I have found a new way to get a rush. This is not for weak hearted gamers though, so run along. If you want a challenge, pick this sucker up. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome. Is the Devil back? Oh hell yeah!!

Final score 9/10

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