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Intro: This is my very FIRST review. I've never done a review before in my life!! But I have some valid opinions and I know how to present them well. So, let's get this show on the road!! B^)

First Thoughts: Now, when someone get's a game they usually LOVE it the first time they pop it in their system. That's just how it usually works. Needless to say, that's the case with this too. BUT... your first thoughts WILL stay the same for as long as you keep this game. But their are exceptions as with other games...

Exceptions: This game is GREAT!! But, if you don't like FPS (First Person Shooters), Bond games, or if you don't plan to play Multilayer mode then you just might as well stay away from this game. But only if you fall in the above catagories.

Gameplay: This game consists of a mere 12 levels. But not only are MOST of them long (to an appropriate degree) but they also can be played over and over again to unlock better stuff for muliplayer AND singleplayer. My personal favorite is this mission (I won't ruin it buy stating names and such) where you run around and are being sniped at!! It's fun and hard (once again, to a certain degree) and it'll have you playing that mission over and over. Now on to the next subject... Over all- 9

Controls: The controls are also good. You can't customize your controls but their are SVERAL different control modes including Goldeneye controls!!! So the controls are nice and solid and easy to get used to. Over all- 9

Replay Value: Replay value is also great you can unlock Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. It takes you a while to do this and you basically have fun every time you attempt it. And using codes is something that you want to avoid unless you wanna feel like you've wasted $50.00 Over all- 8

Over all: This game in general is a must for Bond lovers and FPS lovers. It's a great game but don't pay more than $55.00, I payed only $50.00. And if you can find it used, go for it! By saying this, I'm not, in any way, saying it's a bad game. But my belief is, if I can find a game used that I want, then I'll definately go for it instead of paying the full price. Well I think I did pretty good on my first review... thanxs for reading and happy game-playing!!
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