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Well Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne has finally arrived for the Playstation 2. Yes It may be the worst port of Max Payne out of Xbox and PC but it’s still a great game that everyone should play and enjoy.

Story : 10/10

Max Payne has a great story, It is pretty much connected from Max Payne 1. I don’t want to spoil it here so I’ll just say that the story is pretty good , but it does get a bit confusing, but once you figure it out, its one of the best, original stories ever for a video game.

Gameplay : 9/10

The gameplay is simply sweet. The new bullet time 2.0 delivers. With Max Payne going into the ‘zone’ when he kills enough people and does this awesome 360 spinning reloading motion . The gameplay is simply amazing because of the Havoc Engine, where almost everything is destructable , the environment. You can knock over almost everything around you. Another part of gameplay which rules is the ragdoll effect. It works like this, you shoot a enemy in the arm, their arm goes swinging back, you pop them in the chest couple times, they stumble back and fall down, if near a wall, they get shot down in a sitting position. Gameplay is just one of the best. Much improved form Max Payne 1. Another important thing is the framerate problem, which happens only if there is alot of people on screen, it slows down and affects gameplay in a way, hard to aim and stuff.

Graphics: 5/10

Yes it’s true. Max Payne 2 graphics suck, but if you enjoyed Max Payne 1, you will enjoy these graphics. In my opinion though, you shouldn’t judge a game by graphics, to me its gameplay. The graphics are pretty crappy compared to Xbox or Pc. But that doesn’t mean the game sucks.

Replay Value : 8/10

Well there should be a lot of replay value since you beat a different difficulty and you unlock more, plus there is Dead Man Walking where you try to take out as many people as you can in a little level based arena and stay alive the longest. Also the gameplay adds a lot of Replay Value. I find myself shooting the enemy in the head just to see them fly back, hit some boxes , knock them over and lay there. Its sweet.
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