PS2 The Warriors Review - 8/10

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I first was introduced to "The Warriors" when my mom bought my little brother the movie. I watched the movie and decided it was pretty stupid, but in a way it was really good. I don't know how to explain it, really.

This game is extremely fun to play, especially on co-op mode. It's one of the best co-op games I have ever played in my life, and I'm serious. Most co-op games are the fantasy D&D influenced games, and those get old fast. I love this game. Some parts of the game are extremely difficult, while others are just really easy. The game could've been more challenging and a little longer. It also falters at the controls, especially on co-op. I always seem to have a problem when the co-op split screen switches to full screen. It would've been better if it stayed split screen.

Now, to the story. This game is way more complex then it's movie counterpart. It tells how The Warriors were formed and how they built up their rep to get to "the meeting." Okay, two gang members break way from one gang and start building an army. They have to do things to build their rep, take total control of Coney Island, and get on The Riff's (the leader gang) circuit.

The graphics are so-so. Though, Rockstar hasn't ever really been great at the graphic department. The game makes up for that with the insanely fun factor it's got. The sound is okay, nothing about it gets annoying. What the people say gets kind of repetitive though.

The game isn't that long of a game. It's got a lot of extras though. You can exit to Coney and play a lot of little side-missions, and plus do all the flashback missions. I wouldn't replay it, since you can just visit old levels anyway.

I would just rent this game. You could probably clear it out in about a week or two. Once again, Rockstar brings a really fun and addictive game to everyone. I give it a 9, the only reason I'm taking away a point is because it's not long enough
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