PS3 (FAT) Listing Prices

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So just a heads up for both people selling and buying a PS3, This applies to listings that are Console only, Not coming with extra games and accessories. A PS3 (FAT) Boxed with 1 controller and all required cables can be bought from CEX (Google it) For as low as £70. So for anyone listing these, that's realistically a top line price. They are not worth £100+ anymore, its 2015....Even the ones that are most sought after on Ebay (the 60gb model that plays PS2 games is £88 at CEX. So also with this in mind, for people bidding, why pay more for a console you can just pick up from your local CEX store for cheaper that also comes tested and with limited warranty??

Current CEX Prices as of March 2015
  • Playstation 3 40GB - £70
  • Playstation 3 60GB - £72
  • Playstation 3 60GB (The one that plays PS2 games and most likely to be £100+on Ebay) - £88
  • Playstation 3 80GB - £78
  • Playstation 3 160GB - £90
I hope this helps the lots of people currently looking to buy a PS3 console for the cheapest price possible and i hope sellers take note of this also. Things just arn't worth what you paid for them 5+ years ago
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