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OK - You got the longed for PS3. If you have 40GB this guide is irelevant sorry. If you got the 60GB version: things you should never ever buy from ebay or anywhere else for that matter. UPDATE DISCS / USB STICKS / ANYTHING CHARGING YOU MONEY FOR AN UPDATE! These are totally free. If you are reading this then your online and have internet access obviously! ALL PS3 UPDATES ARE FREE FREEEE!!!! PLEASE do not give people money for nothing. Just go to SCEE website (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) where you can sort your shiny black beastie out with the lastest update. Hope this is useful, and if you flog updates then shame on you! Cheeeeeeky! P.S as of 24th March 2008 most recent update is version 2.17. 

Thought i had better keep up to date with the PS3 updates! - As of July 30th 2008 the latest update is version 2.42!

Update version 2.43 available as from September 17th!

Update version 2.50 available as from October 15th!

Update version 2.52 available as from Novenber 5th!

Update version 2.53 available as from December 03rd!

Update version 2.60 available as from 21st Jan 2009!

Update version 2.70 available as from 2nd April 2009!

Update version 2.76 available as from 14th May 2009!

Update version 2.80 available as from 24th June 2009!

To Conincide with the release of the new slimline PS3 (looks a bit like a George Foreman grill!) - the latest update 3.00 available as from 01st September 2009

Update version 3.01 available as from 15th September 2009!

Update version 3.10 available as from 19th November 2009! 

Update version 3.15 available as from 10th December 2009!

Update version 3.21 available as from 1st April 2010!

Update version 3.30 available as from 22nd April 2010

Update version 3.40 available as from 29th June 2010

Update version 3.41 available as from 27th July 2010

Update version 3.42 available as from 7th September 2010

Update version 3.50 available as from 21st September 2010

Update version 3.55 available as from 7th December 2010

Update version 3.56 available as from 27th January 2011

Update version 3.60 available as from 10th March 2011

Update version 3.61 available as from 16th May 2011 - This is required to use the PSN (Playstation Network) after the hack that took place & left the PSN offline for a month!

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