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This is a guide on the Sony PS3's now notorious yellow light of death (YLOD) 

Some people are coming up with a number of strange ideas for the cause of this including that this is happening because of Call of duty Modern Warfare 2, this is simply not the case, this issue 99% of the time is simply because the PS3 is overheating due to Sony not using the right thermal compund on their CPU and GPU Heatsinks instead using a much cheaper inferior compound which simply is not good enough for the power of the PS3 meaning the PS3 is getting that hot because heat is not dissapated properly it comes to the point where the solder joints are melting causing cracks between the CPU/GPU terminals to the motherboard causing the PS3 not to function properly, so when people are blaming Modern Warfare 2 for this its simply because your PS3 has been suffering with this problem and now Modern Warfare 2 is out you are all addicted playing it continuous for hours and hours bringing the problem to its conclusion much faster than normal that is all! How do i know this you may think, Its Simple it happened to my PS3 months ago in which i fixed and have done for several friends and we have never had a problem since, as long as you have the right equipment this can be fixed in less than 30 mins!

And just to clarify i dont play Modern Warfare 2 so that was not the reason my PS3 took a dump!

So why are so many people selling their YLOD PS3 systems for silly low prices on Ebay when infact they are 100% repairable ?!?

As long as you find a person who deals in electronics like myself who owns the correct tools to fix this issue you could have your PS3 fixed and working again in your home in a day! Please remember though you can do this through Sony if you wish but it doesn't come cheap and infact they do not even repair your console they just send you a refurbished console.

Anyone who would like information on this and what is required to fix this issue please feel free to get in touch and dont go out and buy a new PS3, you are allowing Sony to get away with this giving them more of your hard earned money.

They should fix this issue for free and infact there are petitions online trying to get Sony to fix this issue for free as it is their fault that this problem is even happening to PS3 owners world wide.

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