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Buying a PSN Code on ebay may be a bit risky, especially when the seller offers you an instant code send to you via email or ebay msg, but so far, the codes have been always delivered within the time frame, of  a few hours. Only once I had a problem, so here is a guide on what to look out for, when buying PSN or XBOX vouchers or codes on ebay

Step 1: Read the description carefully on how high the value of the voucher actually is, as sometimes the titles are a bit confusing. In a shop you pay £5 for a £5 Top-Up Voucher, so be careful with too high charges from the seller

Step2: Check the reviews of the seller if he has  too many negatives of selling voucher codes that did not work

And now this is very important, and the only problem I ever encountered on ebay!!!!!!
If a seller asks you for more proof of verification, that means the seller wants a picture of your ID and you or any other photos, DO NOT EVER SEND ANY OF THIS CANCEL THE TRANSACTION, REQUEST YOUR MONEY BACK AND REPORT THIS SELLER TO EBAY!!!!!!!
You do not need to do this and this is a scam to get peoples ID to create fake ones. You are already verified, buying on ebay and paying over PayPal. 

So as long as you remember to NEVER IN A LIFETIME send any photos of ID or address details to anyone on ebay, apart to ebay directly, you are safe.

What to do, if the code that has been send is not valid?!

That is no problem at all. Simply contact either Sony or Microsoft, depending on the console you bought the voucher for and tell them you tried to redeem the code and that it does not want to got through. They will send you msg, saying when the code has been used and that you really did not use the code. I know that is a very annoying thing to happen, but please understand, that the seller is human and does make mistakes as well. So unless the seller behaves like a ... don't leave negative reviews.

Happy gaming 


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