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Hello i recently purchases a 8Gb memory card for my psp thinking i would be able to run
ISO/CSO's on my modded psp, when it arrived i was thrilled i just recived a 8Gb memory card for less than £30 Stuck it in my psp it read 7899MB normal it was detailed on the listing i connect it to my computer, drag about 20 games over loaded on to the 8gb pritty fast stuck it back in my psp 2 games showed, then i decided to do a little research on the internet thus bringing me to my horror i have just been ripped off with a FAKE BOGUS 8gb memory card which is USELESS.

Cant I Use It With Other Devices?
You would honestly think you could you use it with other devices your wrong tested it on my cam never came up at all tested it on my digital photo frame no 1 picture came up in the slide.

These 8Gb's are hardcore fakes they may appear to be real ligit Sony 8gb but there not these sellers are mostly France Ebayers dont be fooled with there 100% positive feedback everyone on ebay has friends...

If you with to discuss this with me feel free to email me with info you need Ask before you purchase.

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