PX Swaps/Alfies Cars/Longford Cars - Scam Artists

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After parting with £700 and my Saab I purchased a Range Rover from these I wont say Car Dealer as that is being unfair to other Car dealers so will call them Conmen. I managed to get 20 miles before the problems began and tried to drive back to their slum but ended up broken down on the side of the road.

After walking back to the slum I retrieved my perfectly good car and drove away with the promise of the £700 being returned.

Nearly 2 months on and despite numerous promises from the conmen no sign yet so next stop Trading Standards/Court.

In my opinion I would think twice before purchasing anything from these people whatever name they choose to operate under and in my opinion be careful of anybody called Gerry, Alfie or Martin.

I may not get my money back but I will ensure that they are dragged through the courts and as many people know about the practices they use to get money out of people.

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