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In the current world of waste and damage to the enviroment, not to mention the high cost of packaging materials, I have sought alternative ways of being enviromentally friendly and to keep the cost of P&P down for potential buyers. This could prove the diference between a sale and no sale.

Keith's Tips -

  • Invest in a good paper shredder - shred papers, magazines, old telephone directories etc.
  • Save all those dreaded unbiodegradeable plasic shopping bags and fill them with the shredded paper.
  • Either place the product inside the bags or wrap the product with as many bagged papers as thought neccessary to keep it safe.
  • The item will be safe, the shredded paper will not spill all over the floor when the buyer opens the package and the buyer themself can reuse the packaging.
  • Bubble wrap - cheaper in large roles. B&Q garden depts have reasonable price roles.
  • For larger more fragile items such as clocks, B&Q are currently selling roof insulation made from recycled plastic bottles. They are non itchy or toxic and can split easily to make it go arround. The current price is £14 for 2 large rolls.
  • Cardboard boxes can be obtained free from supermarkets who are more than happy to give them away by the dozens.
  • Carboard tubes of varying lengths, diameters  and thickness and can be obtained free from haperdashery shops. These can be cut down to required lengths for walking sticks, dinky/corgi cars, infact any item that will fit (just tape the ends over).
  • Polystyrene chips are good but expensive. I save polystyrene from other packaging and either break them into small pieces and place them in the plastic bags (tied to prevent spillage) or use the larger pieces for larger items.
  • For smaller items I save icecream and marjorine tubs, fish food and gravy containers. In fact, with imagination the list is endless.
  • For wrapping the finished product I use higher grade white lining paper (wallpaper) bought in the largest role, again fom B&Q (or other similar shop) at a good price. This combined with FRAGILE tape (cheap on ebay) gives it a secure and more presentable look.
  • The rolls of lining paper can also be used as backdrops when photographing items for sale on ebay.



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