Painting Warhammer Daemons prt 1

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An important thing to remember when painting daemons is the bare look on the flesh. For This guide we will take a daemon prince as an example. First get the black base paint done, this is simple either spray the model or get a large size model brush and paint on chaos black. Then go over the most skin like areas with a mix of blood red and a small amount of chaos black while leaving the metal areas black. Now the detail areas: Sword; Pint the handle a strong colour, I used plain old blood red and using a cocktail stick pick out the tiniest details in chaos black do this with the hilt and pommel as well. Now go over the blade again in a thin watery layer of chaos black and the get the cocktail stick and dip it in the blood red, run this along the edges of the blade and up the back let it dry for 2 mins and the wipe slightly with a dry cloth. Head; first base coat the head in blood red to make it stand out from the body let it dry and paint the horns in a layer of chaos black, now get the blood red and begin to draw lines in it with the cocktail stick to the horns use more blood red until this is built up. now use a pin dipped in sunburst yellow to pick out the details in the eyes and a pin dipped in skull white for the teeth. Bone; The bone is simple, first choose your colour, either and off-white or a dark matt grey. use a medium brush to glaze a rough layer of the paint over the bone outcrops and wither of the colours should blend nicely with the blacks ad reds of the creature. Right shoulder pad; you can go about this one in different ways, method 1: get black POSTER paint instead of miniature paint and paint is onto the shoulder, allow to dry and then chip the paint off the raised areas, this method may ware away altogether after around 5 months so it may need some care but its wear normally seems to add to the authenticity and battle effect of the creature. Method 2: Paint the pad with slightly watered down chaos black then rinse the brush, when the black is dry drybrush the raised areas in boltgun or mithril silver. The final step is to used watered down 1:1 mixes of firstly snakebite leather and blood red and go around the edges of all the raised areas with this watery mix and the 1:1 mix of blood red and rotting flesh in the deep set areas, this will give the model a muscle tone effect and good blending
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