Panasonic Blu-Ray Players

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Multi-Region Blu-ray Player
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Multi-Region Blu-ray Player

Multi-Region Upgrades

Want to play discs from around the world?  Bluray-Upgrades on eBay  have the solution...

Why do I need the multi-region version?

Players sold in mainstream shops in this country are restricted to Region 2/B for playback of UK or some European discs only.

If you wish to play USA or Canadian discs for example, then some of these will refuse to play in players from our region. These are coded as Region 1/A. That is where the multi-region modification is required to unlock those regions. This is the perfect solution for movie enthusiasts who can benefit by buying some titles ahead of UK releases and sometimes with better soundtracks or extra features.

There are some players that simply require a remote or disc hack, but good quality machines tend to need a more advanced modification and this is best left to a specialist firm that is experienced in the field of electronics and in particular the repair of blu-ray players in case things go wrong with warranties. If you employ a cowboy, you could end up losing some of the features of the player or worse case end up with a worthless piece of electronic junk, You have been warned.

Also, avoid so-call diy kits unless you are experienced in smd soldering and have the correct soldering tools and the necessary service tools in the event that things go wrong so that you can re-calibrate the player or restore the software. Some modifications require specialised patching to the player firmware and if this not done correctly it can affect the original performance of the player or even cause the player to crash or lock up in operation. Check the vendor's credentials and warranty terms before buying a modified player or having your own unit upgraded.

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