Panasonic TC-L42E60 Vs. Toshiba 39L4300U

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Comparison shopping for televisions can be scary. Each model differs in its own way and there are a wide variety of models to choose from. The Panasonic and Toshiba are suitable for videophiles and TV fans alike. The Panasonic rises above with its wide screen size and is a delight for gaming, whereas the Toshiba also distinguishes itself.
  Toshiba 39L4300U
Features Panasonic TC-L42E60 Toshiba 39L4300U
Audio Type Surround Not Specified
Number Of Speakers 2 Not Specified
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Size 42" 39"
WiFi Connection Built-in WiFi Built-in WiFi
TV Family Line Smart Viera Cloud TV
Viewing Angle 176° Not Specified
Refresh Rate 120 Hz 120 Hz
Television Definition HDTV HDTV-Ready
3D Technology 3D Not Supported 3D Not Supported
Native Resolution 1080p (HD) 1080p (HD)

Panasonic TC-L42E60

The Panasonic sports a 42-inch screen size, so you can see comfortably without fatigue. Furthermore, you can discern crisp details in videos thanks to its 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. Its 1080p HD video enables you to treat yourself to high-definition images. Also, the Panasonic has a 120 Hz refresh rate, allowing you to watch fluid motion ingames and animation. See the display while alongside thanks to its 176 degree viewing angle. Moreover, its surround sound helps you wrap yourself in theatre-quality sound effects. The Panasonic sports Wi-Fi, allowing you to access the Internet.

Toshiba 39L4300U

The Toshiba features a 39-inch screen size, allowing you to watch easily from a distance. Also, its 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution enables you to benefit from sharp images. Reap the benefits of high-definition content thanks to the Toshiba's 1080p HD video. Moreover, it sports a 120 Hz refresh rate, so you can look at flicker-free movement invideos and films. Its Wi-Fi lets you log-in to streaming media services.

Comparing the Panasonic TC-L42E60 Vs Toshiba 39L4300U

The Panasonic edges out the competition and is a good choice for gaming and home theatre. The Panasonic has an 8% larger screen size, allowing you to see more easily when farther away. Also, you can derive greater listening enjoyment thanks to the Panasonic's surround sound. In contrast, the Toshiba rivals with a sharp screen resolution, Wi-Fi, and a fast refresh rate.

Buying On eBay

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