Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 13.3 0.8 GHz Laptop PC

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The computer was delivered in very good packaging which was in good order, removing the computer from the packaging and attempting to start it up, there was no sign of life until I checked the mains adapter fuse, which was blown. Replacing it had the computer up and running in BIOS - it had been sold without an O/S so that was fair enough. It seemed like a good opportunity to try out a Linux system so I bought a copy of ubuntu 11.10 and tried to load that with no success whatever, fairly sure it wasn't the ubuntu as it loaded up ok on another laptop until Windows slammed the door in its face, the Toughbook had got an 'optimised for Windows XP' sticker on the front of it......
So, I bought a copy of XP Professional and that loaded ok, only fly in the ointment being that the touchscreen wasn't working, so I bought a utilities driver disc and somehow managed to repeatedly miss the install 'Readme' (there are several on the disc in various places and I kept looking at the wrong ones and wasted a stupid amount of time on the net downloading various 'driver analyser/repair' programs which failed to find anything wrong at all - but the touchscreen still didn't work). Eventually I found the right Install Instructions (the Text Document in the 'CF28P Touchscreen Driver' folder which appears alongside the 'd-2002-158_touchpad' paquet builder), followed the instructions and now I've got a working touchpad - rocket science.
The laptop itself is very solid (and quite weighty), there is a large degree of interchangeability available with a large number of useful devices -internal CD cassette for example- easily obtainable on e-bay. The processor is an 800MHz Pentium 3 so it's not that slow for most purposes - it works.
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