Pandora Bracelets sold as 925 silver from China - fake

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There are many China suppliers selling inexpensive '925 silver' Pandora style bracelets.

Their details state the metal is 'silver' and that they are marked 925. Some details state they are genuine sterling silver.

I asked a few of these suppliers if their bracelets were genuine 925 silver as I'd be to tell instantly if they were not as I have a metal allergy. ALL sellers I asked admitted their items( despite being sold as 925 Silver) were in fact only silver plated or silver coloured.

Being stamped 925 doesn't mean they are 925 silver. It is merely a number.

If you want to buy 925 silver pandora bracelets from any seller - beware!

I personally (as an allergy sufferer) find Tibetan Silver to be problem free in terms of allergies. It is very inexpensive and has a great 'antique' look to it.
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