Pangya Golf With Style.... A Playable Golf Game!

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Pangya, a combination of Golf meets Manga with Nintendo refereeing and throwing in the usual twists and even better graphics.  Let me tell you more......

The Scenario:

Without rehashing the instruction manual, Pangya Island is the setting for a golf tournament where players from several clans and origins come together to compete in the 'Pangya Fest'.  Played over many holes and different colourful courses, all with their own unique twists, this makes for an interesting competition.


Unlike many golf games, this has a kind of adventure mode strung through the different scenarios.  Initially starting off with one player available, it is possible to unlock many more characters as you earn 'Pang Points' by winning matches, tournaments, and quite simply by putting up a good match and playing well.

Alongside the 'Pangya Fest' Scenario in single player mode, there are also 'Match Play' and 'Stroke Play' competitions available.  Again, these enable you to earn 'Pang Points' to develop and open new or existing players and courses.

With so many scenarios available, this gives 'Pangya' extremely good longevity simply as a single player game.

Multi player scenarios are also available, but to enjoy the most of this option, it really is a wise idea to do as well as you can with the single player mode in order to unlock as many of the courses and characters as possible.


One really nice feature of this game is the ability to cusomise the characters, caddies and equipment.  All this needs to be done through the acquisition of PP, but before too long they will come flowing in allowing you a wide variety of choices.

In customising your Player you can buy new clothes for them, additional items such as clubs and balls, special items to help you through the rounds and much much more!

Sometimes in order to access a course, like any regular golf club, you are required to dress appropriately.  You then have to decide what to wear, and which character would be the best to play the appropriate course.

With so many features and variations available, you can play to your hearts content... and did I mention that what you wear also affects the way you play with regards to Power, Control, Accuracy, Spin and Curve.

The clubs you use can also be upgraded and customised to suit players strengths and weaknesses, as can the Caddie that you choose.

This really isn't a game where the most exciting thing you can do is change the colour of the Players top and trousers, and then slog your guts out over 18 holes to try and win tournament points.... It's much more!


Played with the Wii remote alone (no nunchuck), the controls themselves are relatively easy to get to grips with.  I did however find that buying a golf attatchment for the remote improved my game considerably.  Yes, you are required to swing the remote as you would a real club!

Designed to be used on it's side, the remote picks up your back swing, downswing and follow through.  I found that having a golf attatchment helped to keep the remote straight as I could visually see the angle I was holding the club at.

Be aware, it is very sensitive, and can be very frustrating initially.  Another thing to be aware of is the lampshade above you.. (Yes, I'm on my 3rd paper shade to date).

Another thing to bear in mind is the quality of the attatchment you buy, but I'll cover that in a minute.

My Overall Opinion:

This game has so much playability, it would have to be THE best sports games I have ever played.

In typical Nintendo retro style, this game avoids trying to recreate real players, but uses the art form known as Manga to present the characters.  In keeping with the advances made in computer graphics, these are once again beautifully rendered and extremely fluent.

With only slight annoyances with some features and frustration at never being that good at the real thing in the first place, it would be rude for me not to give this game 10/10

Pros, Cons & Manga:


  • Extremely good graphics (but this is the Wii).
  • Excellent playability and longevity.
  • Colourful and creative.
  • Varied storylines and scenarios to avoid repetition.
  • User friendly menus.
  • Multi Player possibilities.
  • Darn good fun!


  • Can be quite difficult and frustrating to get into the 'swing' of the game with the remote.
  • Instruction Manual not particularly informative with regards to the extent of the game.
  • Not really suitable for younger players although advertised as 3+


  • I love Manga style graphics, but here we do have a slight problem.  The game is advertised as being suitable for 3+.  I have a 6 year old lad, and I wont play some of the courses with him around.  Manga is a very mature version of Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh kind of graphics.  As a result, the characters when you dress them up, reflect this.
  • One course requires you to dress a female chacter in a swim suit in order to enter a specific course.  Where this is part of the game (and by no means any less clad or revealing than Lara Croft), I do feel that some parental judgement may be required.
  • Another course requires you to dress a young girl up in a School Uniform in order to enter the course, similar comment to above.
  • I am by no way condemning this, but I genuinely believe that the 3+ certificate coud be assessed, and it is something to bear in mind if you are buying this for a young game player.


I wouldn't dissuade anybody from buying this game, although the last few paragraphs may seem that way.  The last few comments are my own personal opinion and by no means an attack at the game itself.  As I said earlier... IT'S BRILLIANT!

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