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Parcelforce are the best parcel courier in the UK. Why you may ask, well here's a list of why:

1) Parcelforce deliver the most parcels and have the largest distribution network therefore offer you greater speed & reliability.

2) Parcelforce offer the largest standard insurance amongst couriers ,£150, because they are confident of the service they offer unlike other couriers.

3) Parcelforce offer the best guarantee,  if your parcel isn't delivered on time you get your money back,  you won't get a better guarantee than this.

4) Parcelforce tracking is the best, you get a tracking number straight away & can track your parcel from collection to delivery.

For the above reasons Parcelforce have just joined up with Ebay to offer customers a cheaper & reliable way of sending parcels. It will cost you approx £10 to send using Parcelforce, you can book by logging into your Paypal account and clicking the postage option on your payment, you have to print labels.

There is however a cheaper & easier way to book a Parcelforce delivery. Use & book a parcelforce delivery for as little as £6.99 & no need to print out labels.

Hope this helps you save some cash, it's saved me hundreds.
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