Parcelforce encanced insurance

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I have sent many parcels overseas through the Post Office. There are many Countries when the only option is Global Priority, or Data Post - it appears both these services are run through Parcelforce. Luckily, I have had no problems to date. HOWEVER - I recently sent two vases to the USA, I pack very well, first lots and lots of bubble wrap, then lots of cotton wool and finally lots of surrounding packaging. All placed in the post office approved box. The box was very well taped all over and I had 8 "GLASS WITH CARE" labels on the box. I arrive at the post office and as usual I am asked if I want any additional insurance. Yes I say and so its done and off to the USA all covered - OR SO I THOUGHT!!!

Well, the vases arrived smashed - so I put in my claim to Parcelforce - its a bit naughty of the post office not to point this out, especially given the red "glass with care" labels - I was not covered, despite paying the premium.

Parcelforce (in the small print) do not cover - WAIT FOR IT

antiques, glass, porcelain, china, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, suitcases, coins, money, travellers cheques, resin, plastic, bronze, COLLCETABLES!!, sim cards, diamonds, eggs, fossils, marble or stone, stamps, credit cards, fur, THE LIST GOES ON.

Other than books or clothes - I am at a loss to know what else you can put in a parcel from an auction site and considering they ask for datails of the online auction number its a big joke.


If anyone does know who insures goods sent from the UK to overseas do please let me know.


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