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  • Which safety seat is the right one?
  • Where is the safest place in the car for my offspring?
  • My child doesn´t want to fasten the seat belt?

The team of BAMBINO WORLD answers the frequent questions around car safety seats!

A safety seat is needed

A safety seat is an important investment in the life of your child; furthermore most countries regulate its use by law. Which safety seat is the right one for you depends on the weight and size of your child and your car – we gladly assist you in the decision! All safety seats of BAMBINO WORLD correspond to the European norm ECE 44.


Where is safest place in the car?

The safest place for your child is the middle seat in the back – unfortunately many car manufacturers only offer insufficient seatbelt security there. The second best place is the one behind the co-driver – there your sweetheart is also well protected against the traffic when getting in or out of the car. If you use the safety seat on the front passenger seat (not recommended) you must absolutely consider the instruction manual of your car – an active co-driver airbag can be fatal for your child!

Safe from the start

During the first months, babies should be carried in a hard-shelled safety seat. Experts advise an assembling against the direction of travel as the safest variant. The reason is the rather big head in relation to the rest of the body and the not yet full-fledged musculature-skeletal in the neck that would be heavily strained in case of a collision. Therefore you should absolutely pay attention to sufficient side protection which reduces the lateral range for the head. All car seats of BAMBINO WORLD for the little ones are equipped with a removable head cushion; moreover they offer a separate lying position which has proved itself especially for long drives.



If your child is somewhat older, you should involve her in the choice of the safety seat – like this, the new seat becomes “his” or “her” official place in the car and will be much rather used. BAMBINO WORLD offers models that can be adapted to the growth of your child – so you don´t need to permanently change the safety seat.


The commonly occurring mistake when assembling the safety seat is a wrong-attached harness - please read the supplied assembly guide exactly and maybe try at first without your child! An immovable connection to the car is the basis of every safety seat.

Problematic case safety seat

The safety seat should always be used, also if you just drive to the supermarket around the corner. You will earn real troubles, if you abandon its use as a reward ("You are allowed to ride pillion because you have been as good as gold today.") – not only with your offspring but also with the executive! In case of doubt it´s better to fasten the beloved cuddly toy as well than to abandon the use of the safety seat.

„Since everybody in our car fastens the seatbelt – from daddy to teddy bear -
Claus has no longer problems with his safety seat!“ (Maria, 28)

Tip: In order that your child not at all strikes on the idea to ride like an „adult“, it is very important, that you always (!!!) set a good example and fasten your belt at every drive. In case of a pedagogic emergency you have to point out, that the journey only continues with fastened belts. Probably your child will test a few times if she is able to nevertheless get rid of the belt – expect some coercive breaks, but long-term only a car that stands still is more boring than a driving one.

"We stowed Sara´s favourite toys in a bag at the backside of the pillion –
since then long drives have never been a problem!" (Stefan, 36)

Tip: Long car drives are an incredibly boring matter for children - supply sufficient entertainment. If there are no toys in the car, play for example "Who detects the next green car" or "Where does the next van come from" – There is no limit to creativity! And you should budget breaks and enough victuals – most of all beverages. Bon voyage! Contact us – we gladly pass our experiences! The team of BAMBINO WORLD wishes you and your children safe and comfortable drives!


Only parents know what is good for their children. As parents we share many common experiences. Exorbitant prices for trademarked goods, quality failure at service and long delivery time are some of the negative ones. We represent the conviction that it can also work differently – we offer an alternative to demanding parents as you. BAMBINO WORLD stands for guaranteed quality. Our products are manufactured subject to strict quality criteria. We and our children vet both products and new developments constantly. Welcome to life! Welcome to BAMBINO WORLD.

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Your team of BAMBINO WORLD!

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