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Babies and infants spend the majority of their day sleeping – so naturally the cot bed has to be selected carefully. The equipment is different to the one for the adults´ beds and on the way children also make their own demands.

Family bed or room on her own from the start?

A large number of couples consider for a long time if their baby should spend the night in the parental bed or from the start in a room on her own. What they choose depends on the desire of the whole family – expert opinions diverge strongly. Standard practice: It is okay when everybody feels comfortble! By the way, you don´t have to be afraid that daddy´s sleep will constantly be broken – innately mothers react mostly much earlier to their babies´ needs and the cohabitant often doesn´t realize the night-time interruption.


A solution that combines the advantages of the family bed with the ones of the own bed is a bedside cot with three fixed sides. In that case the height of the mattress is adjusted to the parental bed without space in between – so you and your baby have enough space and free zone. The BAMBINO WORLD bedside cot offers an adjustable slatted-frame and extra large lying space – thereby you can use the cot longer than other products on the market. If however someday your junior is to move out of the family bed, our bedside cot can conveniently be converted into a junior bed with a fourth bedrail – a durable solution for the first years!


Bedding sets as in a dream

At the beginning, your little one is not yet able to adjust the body temperature herself. If the blanket doesn´t stay where it ought to, a sleeping bag helps and is used with pleasure until infancy. The ideal room temperature for the baby-bedroom by the way is 18 °C. Pillows and soft toys in the baby bed should be dispensed with at the beginning.

For cots a cot bumper and a canopy have been tried and tested – they create a comfortable „sleeping-cave“, protect the little head and keep away light and draught. Of course the whole bedding has to be immune to little mishaps, easy to clean and quick-drying. Also edges or toxic materials have no place in a cot bed.

Everywhere & always near by

Family-life doesn´t only happen in the bedroom – a practical alternative to the bassinet is a mobile cradle with rollers. The gentle dandling recalls the movement in mummy´s belly and calms the baby. If once dandling is undesired, you can needless to say fix the cradle. BAMBINO WORLD offers a first-class cradle with complete equipment: duvert, pillow, covers, sheet, mattress, cot bumper, canopy and canopy frame.


When travelling, children often find themselves by night in foreign environments; aside from that many accommodations don´t offer sleeping-place suitable for children. A travel cot remedies in this case – your little one sleeps in her „mobile home“ and gets the necessary assurance for dreaming by the familiar surroundings. No matter where you are – with a travel cot of BAMBINO WORLD you also have a mosquito net and embosomed soft toys with you in a handy travel bag on castors.

„Overnight stays on vacation were difficult in the past – Amelie was afraid in the big spare beds, the cot there was in bad condition or much too soft for her. We permanently had to calm her and have a look if everything is all right. She feels much better with her own travel cot, it is the same colour like the one at home and we also can finitely enjoy our evenings on holidays.“ (Bernhard, 35)

Waiting for the sandman...

There are lots of reasons why children can´t sleep well at night: they cut teeth, are ill, have to digest a demanding day, have a growth spurt, desire for nearness, etc. And there are countless theories and methods to get your little one off to sleep – we recommend listening to your child. For the most part our children tell us what they still need for sleeping or what has woken up them again – it is also natural, that you can´t identify the reason at the first attempt.

Don´t let yourself be put under pressure – up to today no expert has made out the “universal sleeping-plan for children“, that works at 100% also for your little one. Nobody knows your child better than you do – find out what is the right thing for your offspring together with her. Many children fall asleep better and faster with a special „evening ritual“. Always sing the same song to your child after cuddling or read the favourite story to your little one. Also a garment worn by the parents provides security.

„For a long time Lukas was only able to fall asleep lying in my arms. As gently as possible I got him into the way of falling asleep while I was sitting at his bedside – by now he is content with a good night kiss and my favourite pullover.“ (Eva,31)


Most children enjoy rhythmic movements to fall asleep – supposedly that awakens memories of the heartbeat or movements of their mother. Therefore cradles are popular aids to get the little ones off to sleep – electronic versions besides save the arm-musculature of mummy and daddy. Our team of BAMBINO WORLD wishes you and your sweetheart wonderful dreams!


Only parents know what is good for their children. As parents we share many common experiences. Exorbitant prices for trademarked goods, quality failure at service and long delivery time are some of the negative ones. We represent the conviction that it can also work differently – we offer an alternative to demanding parents as you. BAMBINO WORLD stands for guaranteed quality. Our products are manufactured subject to strict quality criteria. We and our children vet both products and new developments constantly. Welcome to life! Welcome to BAMBINO WORLD.

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