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To care for a little child is an absolutely new challenge. You are on the trot all day and have hardly one minute to spare when the offspring is awake. Playpens allow short parental breathers – and also children benefit.



A playpen or playyard offers a great number of advantages: The child is directly up to speed and mummy and daddy don’t need to worry when they pursue other activities like cooking or ironing or when they enjoy the much longed for shower. Nevertheless the offspring is well provided, constantly in the field of vision and cannot hurt herself at the furniture. A playpen is especially irreplaceable for families with more than one child – for example when changing the baby´s nappy the baby claims the undivided attention of the parents.

"I like best to be with Manu. She explores her environment, you really permanently have to eye her. Only recently she cleared the kitchen box unnoticedly in a minute – fortunately the cutlery box was out of reach. Since that little escapade we have got a playpen; our sweetheart is now even out of danger when crawling around while I´m ironing.“ (Sabine, 27)



There are playpens in different versions. Models with height-adjustable base are ideal for the toddlers and the back of their parents. At top the sight is the best – but the more mobile the child gets the lower should be the position of the bottom – otherwise your offspring will soon abscond after the first pull up attempts


If the base is in the lowest position and your child is allowed to frolic by herself, you can remove some bars – infants love such play dens that are too small for adults. A proper tent can be made of the portable playpen of BAMBINO WORLD – therewith your child can take along its little empire everywhere.


Regardless of the number of corners your favoured model has got, it is important that they are secured for children. Right at the first trials of locomotion little mishaps can occur, but in a well-built and padded playpen they are never as fatal as it sounds in the first moment.

All playpens in the product range of BAMBINO WORLD have secured corners and rounded edges. The padded and wipeable floor can be styled cozier with a playpen insert. Most models are on castors to provide more comfort to the parents – with this also frequent repositioning is no problem.

„Bianca is 10 months old now and does her first tottery rounds – she needs much time for practice! If we are not able to watch her for a short moment she yet is safe in the playpen when the sense of balance lets her down.“ (Peter, 35)

Be on one´s own is boring?

Of course it is not okay to shunt your weeping child off in the playpen. But if your child just explores her fingers incredibly fascinated, allow this experience and let your baby play alone. Offer toys that are only in the playpen – so the play rests stay exciting.

If you want to leave the room for a moment while your child is in the playpen, you will need to keep on talking; especially at the beginning. Later on, a notice is enough: „I will go to the bathroom for a moment and will be back immediately.“ In this way you create free zones for yourself and avoid possible crisis if you are once not able to only look after your little one but also after craftsmen.

The time span your child can keep herself busy also depends on her age. Babies, younger than 12 months, manage 10 minutes at the longest; a three-year-old child plays up to half an hour on itself. Although you should always stick around, keep in mind, that you don´t do anything good to you and your child if you don’t learn to allow each other scope for development!


Only parents know what is good for their children. As parents we share many common experiences. Exorbitant prices for trademarked goods, quality failure at service and long delivery time are some of the negative ones. We represent the conviction that it can also work differently – we offer an alternative to demanding parents as you. BAMBINO WORLD stands for guaranteed quality. Our products are manufactured subject to strict quality criteria. We and our children vet both products and new developments constantly. Welcome to life! Welcome to BAMBINO WORLD.

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