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It is impossible for parents to be everywhere. If you don´t only want to rely on the guardian angel of your child, you should rearrange your homely environment and make it child-proof.

It is impossible for parents to be everywhere

When children develop first ambitions to go out into the world, you will soon notice, that you actually would need extra eyes in the occiput. Suddenly parents have to learn to see the environment from the point of view of their offspring – what is interesting, where does unseen danger lurk? As we are unfortunately not able to offer you a 360° view, the team of BAMBINO WORLD composed a variety of safety gates for you and your family.


Watch out!

There are many situations that can become dangerous for crawling babies – on the one hand they are short of experience, on the other hand there is often a lack of the necessary coordination of the little arms and legs and balance. This mixture makes the stairs to an incredibly attractive but dangerous object of desire. To let the little ones exercise their skills calmly until their first steps are secure enough for the way up and down, you should safeguard stairs with a safety gate on both sides. When assembling it you can choose to clamp the gate or to screw it. If you clamp the safety gate, wall or door frame don´t get damaged – but you should check regularly if the gate keeps stable at its place despite constant loads. The assembling with screws is more practical – one side of the safety gate is connected with the wall and it can be opened like a door – of course with a child-proof locking.



All safety gates pass rigorous tests and have to comply to the European norm EN1930 before they are allowed to guarantee the safety of our children. Your child grows and also her desire to move and her need for more room for playing. BAMBINO WORLD offers extendable elements in XXL-size, which are hardly available commercially. Of course we also offer suitable inserts.


The wide world

While mummy is cooking and cutting vegetables, it can be dangerous when her little one crawls around between her feet. With our extra large safety gates you can even fence off open-plan kitchen living rooms and your sweetheart is yet always close by. Terraces, gardens and balconies can tempt your offspring to risky jungle-expeditions – prevent her from danger and better enjoy the beautiful nature together with your child.

„Our cat Max is the best friend of our little Felix – but Felix can´t understand, why Max should always be alone on his wanderings. So that the little big game hunter doesn´t get too independent we have secured our terrace with a big wooden safety gate.“ (Ulli, 36)

The crackling chimney fire hasn´t only appeal with us adults on long winter evenings. Also when teh fire is not burning, at an open fireplace the greatest ash cakes can be baked and tasted – you can only avoid this by a solid barrier.

If your offspring is yet as active to accept the safety gate as a challenge, you should slowly consider dismantling the barriers. The injury risk is lower without acrobatic feats and things that are no longer forbidden soon lose their attraction. If your little one is fit enough to overcome the safety gate, she also often manages the stairs behind it with little joint efforts. The team of BAMBINO WORLD wishes you fascinating expeditions and lazy evenings at home with your little sweetheart.


Only parents know what is good for their children. As parents we share many common experiences. Exorbitant prices for trademarked goods, quality failure at service and long delivery time are some of the negative ones. We represent the conviction that it can also work differently – we offer an alternative to demanding parents as you. BAMBINO WORLD stands for guaranteed quality. Our products are manufactured subject to strict quality criteria. We and our children vet both products and new developments constantly. Welcome to life! Welcome to BAMBINO WORLD.

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