Parents of kids with wii's DID You KNow??

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Just a quick review here for all us parents who have purchased a nintendo wii console, did you know you can get hundreds of free wii games to play on your wii without spending a penny, FIRSTLY this is not a scam asking for you to register details or give cash or card details etc its plain and simpley the fact that 95% of wii's can be connected to the internet and once you have the internet connection up and running try logging onto

Free Wii games online to play through a Nintendo Wii console. Plus, all about the Mii Channel and how to create and use custom Miis

for those of you that havent got full internet connection  already you can buy this from the wii shoppng channel for 500 credits and once you have it you can surf the net, shop, email and even ebay off it and its there for the life of your wii console....hope this is help for some of you and hours of fun too!!!

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