Party Ideas - Throwing a 70s Fancy Dress Party

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70s Fancy Dress Party Ideas

When deciding upon your themed or costume party, what about using the seventies as you source of inspiration. All you have to do is consider the dress code and the outrageous ensembles that people within this time period use to don when going out for the night. Although this may seem somewhat odd to us, it was very much the fashion and style of that period, and often serves as the basis for a good costume party.

One of the main benefits of choosing the seventies as a central theme for your costume party is that the choice and possibilities of 70s outfits are practically limitless, if one considers the clashing colours, gold threaded outfits and so forth. One might even think that the more ridiculous the colour match ups were the more of a fashion statement would the wearer be attempting to make. This therefore makes the choices wide and extensive when looking for that costume for your special evening.

There are some iconic items and fashion accessories that really are part of the seventies, pants with those bell bottoms, or the extended side burns or what about those platform shoes, that even the men wore at the time, quite often looking more like a pimp than anything else. But that is all part of the fun in trying to achieve that seventies look.

The seventies lets you literally run wild in terms of what outfits you can put together, draw some reference from the likes of David Bowie, Abba or even Elvis Presley there are some iconic figures you can emulate at a fun costume party themed in the seventies style.

If you are hosting the seventies party, have a look at what was popular in that era, the disco theme, complete with mirror ball as well as the top music of the time. By completing the entire theme with décor, costumes, music and ambience you will be able to host the perfect costume party for family and friends, that will surely be remembered for a long time to come.

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