Patched Satellite Receivers

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If you are thinking of buying a "patched" satellite receiver make sure you fully understand what patched means.

First of all a patched receiver will not magically open every channel transmitted.

Patches can sometimes only last a few days, sometimes months, as TV networks close any hacks as soon as they can after becoming public knowledge.

Some channels need to have "keys" updated regularly to keep them open. This means lots of searching forums on the internet and either inputting keys via the remote or loading files from your PC to the box.

If you are not prepared to spend time participating in satellite hacking forums and taking your receiver from the front room to your computer to update it then a patched box is probably not for you!

There are quite a few channels open at any given time but nothing is guaranteed. If you speak a european language you will find plenty to watch, but saying that most premium pay channels don't last long so you may be better off with just a "free to air" (FTA) receiver.

If it's 3pm kick off Premier League Football you're after take a chance with a patched receiver you can usually find a game (with english commentary if you are lucky) but nothing is guaranteed. The best option for football with english commentary (and the game you actually want to watch) is to buy an official card like ART Sports.

So in summary patching receivers is a time consuming hobby not a quick route to free premium TV channels  

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