Patio Furniture Covers

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Patio Furniture Covers are typically available in two types of material :

(1)    Woven PE ( same material used on cheap tarpaulins )

(2)     Polyester

Woven PE furniture covers are the cheapest type of covers available on the market. This type of material is commonly used for manufacturing tarpaulins. The material is constructed by weaving thin strips of PE ( polyethelyne ) together and then laminating both sides of the woven fabric with a liquid layer of PE thus creating a very strong plastic type material. PE tends to be very stiff and makes a loud rustling noise when blown around by the wind. Although 100% waterproof, these covers tend to tear around the edges of the furniture they cover and once a hole has established itself the cover is useless as it will quickly shred. PE is generally not UV stabilised and will also rot with continuous exposure to bright sunlight. PE covers dont offer any breathability to the furniture that it covers, so mould growth on hardwood funiture is common.

Polyester covers are more durable as the fabric is soft and does not rub so harshly against the furniture it covers. Most decent polyester covers have a pvc backing on the fabric which gives it a 100% waterproof protection. These covers look more luxurious as they dont have the bright shine associated with PE covers, they also dont rustle in the wind ( so you get a good night sleep on a windy night if your bedroom faces the back garden ! ). The best polyester covers also have water taped seams on all horizontal and vertcal sewn joints. This is a plastic tape that is welded across all sewn joints to prevent the ingress of moisture which protects against water staining on valuable patio furniture items.

If you are looking for a long lasting quality furniture cover then always go for the polyester option. Always check that it has water taped seams and that it also has air pockets to allow for air circulation around the furniture.  Also check that it is fitted with brass eyelets as these will not rot when exposed to rain.

Cheap PE covers can be bought through ebay from £2 - £15 whilst quality polyester covers will cost anywhere from £8 - £25. Dont be fooled by expensive garden centres that supply polyester covers at inflated prices. You can buy identical product through ebay for a fraction of the price.

We hope this information is helpful..... The Swithland Team.


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