Pauls Boutique - Kings Of Custom

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Pauls Boutique is an ever growing brand that was founded by a British designer. It stands out from the rest with the clothing and accessories being brightly coloured with unique patches/charms etc.
PB items are sold at Selfridges, Topshop (Started selling at the end of this may),,, and last but not least Bank Fashion.

They started off as a small brand but joining up with big names such as Selfridges and Barbie has completley lifted off there buisness and girls and women alike have gone crazy for there garments.

I am writing this after hearing people saying they cannot find information anywhere about this brand I decided to help out a little and write what I know about Pauls Boutique for you to read.

You will love PB!

There really is something for everyone in this brand, the range has widened from just hoodies and bags to dresses, t-shirts, vest tops, skirts, purses etc.
Ebay has alot of these items and most of them are 'Brand new with tags' just simply type Pauls Boutique in the ebay search and you will see the range of things widening on a daily basis.

Pauls Boutique - Forever making themselves more and more popular

When PB have been participating in recent events with Selfridges I myself have witnessed the high volume of customers flooding to the stores. For example going to the launch of the stunning Pauls Boutique Loves Barbie Bags (Limited edition for Barbie's 50th Anniversary), I amongst others waited at 9am for the doors to be opened and people where literally running towards the PB section in Selfridges and they sold out within minutes.
These bags are now pretty much sold out in all Selfridges stores and they where the only stores to sell them, however you can buy them on ebay... even though they are a little pricey (around double the price they where bought at) they are well worth investing in for Barbie and Pauls Boutique collectors and you will not be disappointed as these bags really are gorgeous.
There is an event for all you PB Lovers to go to however that is upcoming! This is the design your own hoodie event at London Oxford St Selfridges, where the man himself and the design team will help you customise your own plain pauls boutique hoodie (purchased in store) this is on the 1st August 2009 which I beleive is a Saturday :-).
Update: Ive had to update this recentley as the Pauls Boutique Barbie and Jewelrey range are now on!

Quality Etc.

In the past I have heard people complain about the quality of this range from the zippers on the bags being broken to the hoodies going 'bobbly' in my experience I have had very slight bobbling on the cuffs of my PB jacket which I got almost a year ago and have washed several times, it also has a diamante detail which is the 'Pauls boutique' lettering accross the garment which I am glad to say not one diamante has fallen off or become loose and that is one thing I worried about when I bought it. I have recently bought another hoodie from the PB range and have noticed some of the diamantes are slightly not in line with each other but it is not a problem as its not noticable to someone who it has not been pointed out too. I think the reason some people say there items have been 'faulty' is just down to carelessness etc but that doesnt always apply to everyone, the bags etc ARE good quality but obviously as with anything else if you rough it about and drag it around it will become damaged.

The price range is most likely to be classed as high street because they are inexpensive but also a little pricey for an everday purchase! However they are well worth the price and will make you stand out from the crowd!
-Bags can be from £50-£80
-Vest tops can be from around £ 30- £ 40
-Hoodies tend to be about £ 60- £ 70 (sometimes cheaper though)
-Other items I am not to sure about as they vary in availabilty in places so I don't see much of them and I know the price can be drastically different from one place to another (or seller on ebay).


As Pauls Boutique have said on their website. Fakes can be a big problem with smaller brands and can easily put them out of business. There can be alot of fakes circulating although I have not seen many on ebay, places like markets etc can be a problem.
My advice is don't buy the fakes because they are bad quality and don't look as good as the real thing. Pauls Boutique isn't pricey and it would be much more of an investment buying from the real designer than buying a low quality fake for cheap.
They also have an email on their website that you can email if you witness a counterfeit item :
The fakes are illegal and shouldn't be sold, buy the real thing!

Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it helped you out with information on the brand etc.
I am having trouble putting pictures up at this moment in time but I will be sure to edit or repost again when I can!

Thanks for reading and happy bidding/shopping!

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