Pay- Pal PAIN

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This is a letter i had to send to 17 E-Bay Members.When pay pal failed


It is not really a guide as i do not know what advice to give, perhaps someone else might read it and enlighten me as to why pay pal are so much trouble.

As for me i know there are other

  companies that rival E-Bay and they are looking pretty dam inviting right now, this is my letter.

Hi ,
I am writing to apologise for the slow payment, I am having trouble with pay-pal and did not think I would be able to pay you at all through pay-pal. I was getting ready to post off cheques or postal orders when my dad offered to try to pay (good old Dad) he was told he had an "American" pay-pal account and could not put a payment through in this country????? We were both flabbergasted we have helped each other out before when pay-pal has let us down. Then, I thought why not I would try one more time, it went through but did not take money out of my pay-pal account I had £100.00 in and it remained at £100.00. It decided to send you an E-Cheque (which takes 10 days!!! to clear) the money is safe it is in your account and I can not stop it. I just wonder which account it is going to take from when it dose clear, and why it did not clear straight away,
Any way I will stop rabbi ting and ask you just one favour the items that were purchased were purchased for my Daughters Birthday on the 21st of Feb, the E-cheque will not clear till the 19th Feb. If you feel it is unsafe to send them before this date I understand, but when the cheque clears could you send them with some urgency, if they require more postage money I will be happy to send it. I would just like them in time for my Daughters Birthday. I am so angry at e-bay and pay pal I have bought and sold from them for years now, I hope it has not inconvenienced you too much. All the best, Warm Wishes Lizzy

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