Pay Pal and E-Bay

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     I have seen and heard alot of people complain about both companies.  They are ripping you off, the fee's are outrageous.  You pay so much in fee's.  Well, you can sell it in a garage sale...or try and sell it here.  If you went to an auction house, they have fee's too.  So I guess the garage sale, is the only option if you don't want to pay any fee's.

  Pay Pal offer's you to use paypal, when you sell on e-bay.  But, you need to upgrade your current account to a Business Account or Premier Account first, in order to do it.  Keep this in mind.  When selling on E-Bay.  When the money arrives from pay pal, to your account, e-bay gets their fee's first.

Also, another suggestion, if you are a good buyer, stay in contact with seller, let them know that you use a cc or debit card as a fomr of bill paying.  And you do business with pay pal.  This way, they know they are paid on the day you tell them.

Pay Pal uses US Bank, as a partner of theirs.  Although you can use any one elses account, they do partner with us bank corporation.  Personally I use a debit card,  I also do surveys.  The surveys I do pay me through paypal.  I am also a money market account holder at pay pal.  when there is $20 in the account, I make more in interest at Pay pal, than at my own, yes, I would say it is better here at Pay Pal, than Wells FArgo or U S Bank.

If you want to sell on E-Bay, and not pay the fees associated with the sale, I would suggest you have a garage sale, then see what you get.  Then come to E-Bay, and sell the same item here.  You maybe surprised to know you can always make quite a bit more than your garage did for you.  Most of the complainers, expect not to pay fees, or useage of their accounts.  Do not want a Domain name, or pay for a store front. 

I have loved doing business here at Pay Pal and Ebay.  So much so, that even though I belong to Columbia House, there are alot of movies I buy here.  My wife and I both do business here.  We buy gifts, toys, books, movies, parts, dishes, and so forth.  About 95% of our purchases went through Pay Pal.  The other 5% have been through money orders only.  And that is because some sellers, only deal with money orders, and not pay pal.  Money Orders can be lost in the mail...I have experienced that one...paid for one item three times by money order.  Also sent in the form to receive the money back from the money order company because it was lost in the mail...took 90 days, but the money was returned.  Personally, I prefer Pay Pal.  It gets there within the hour.  And if you over pay, contact the seller, 9times out of 10 the seller sees what you did, and returns the overpayment.  They won't try and rip you off for $10 or $15 bucks, after all, this is their livelihood, for a majority of the sellers.  And in case the seller is having trouble and cant see the overpayment, contact paypal.  They will look into it for you.  There is no cost for them to do this.  And believe it or not, the seller and Pay Pal, know that this happens.  Because the Seller probably has done it too.

Pay Pal has toll free numbers listed for problems,  and in some cases, across the United States, there are local telephone numbers you can call.  Pay Pal is an FDIC Bank.  Your Money is Insured here...

If you have banked with Pay Pal in the past, then you know they are more honest than most banks, we all have had the displeasure of using.  And if you are new to Pay Pal...I say welcome to you, you won't be dissappointed at all.

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