Pay Pal and getting your money back

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Contrary to popular belief pay pal is not a safe way to buy. Some sellers will take your money and close their paypal account, so you don't always get your money back. Some sellers lie about their geographical location Eg Scarborough England and they are actually in Canada. They might operate automated selling schemes where they take your money and send you faulty goods. The option of returning them is impractical. When you complain they give negative feedback then blackmail you with the option of Mutually withdrawing the Negative feedback they give you in response to your complaint. Ebay don't mind this and support the seller because they make so much money out of them. You get left with faulty goods and no recourse or money back and your 100% positive feedback reduced for your troubles. Some sellers just drop their accounts opening a new one and never trade again from the old account leaving you with the loss because again paypal want their trade and don't care about you. magical-deals are a good example of a bad seller try using f or a good preview of the real status of a seller you begin to see that a feedback score is not the whole story
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