PayPal Buyer Protection cover is very limited. Beware!

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At first I thought my purchase was safe using PayPal to pay for two items from a Seller with apparently a high positive rating.  But when analysed, it's not as safe as PayPal/eBay would have us believe.

Purchase Protection does not cover the first £15 for EACH ITEM, nor any postage and packing. 

Easy example: when buying two items for £55 and £20 plus £25 P&P; that's a total outlay of £100.    

Then say the goods haven't arrived despite numerous emails and waiting weeks; one can only claim (£55 minus £15) + (£20 minus £15) + £0 (p&p) = £40 total.  If the Buyer Protection claim is successful, this £40 may arrive back in your PayPal account, some 3 or 4 months after the originally payment was made through PayPal. 

Also note that to achieve that £40 reimbursement, you'd have to spend quite a few hours overall on emailing, form-filling, always checking and strictly following PayPal's instructions and timetable.

It's not worth trying to 'get even' by supplying eBay with information to help prosecute the fraudulent seller either.  eBay aren't interested.  They are happy to passively wait for a defrauded buyer to involve their local police; then the local police has to ask eBay for all the information.  Each individual rip-off is too small-fry for local police to justify the time to follow up.  eBay has information on several similar cases at once; but will not, or can not, co-ordinate any investigation.

eBay wouldn't or couldn't accept my information, which was proof positive of  intended and perpetrated fraud. Effectively, neither eBay's email addresses, nor the online message forms, (which are so laborious, finnicky and character-limited,)  would accept my documents, whether I tried to send them as attachments, or otherwise. 

I just had to give up, eventually, because of the excessive hours I was spending on trying to help eBay quickly expunge a fraudster from their system. 

I was at least able to find that the errant trader had 'ceased to be an eBay member' a few months later.  But I feel that's small consolation to the number of other buyers who were also ripped off in the interim, purely because eBay had not suspended the seller earlier.


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