PayPal Buyer protection.................buyer beware!!!

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So there is a lot of hype on ebay regarding Paypal buyer protection, but what exactly does it mean?

Well i had reason to find out, and to be honest i'm not impressed.

I bought a "new printer" for what i thought was a really good price on ebay. The seller advertised as new and not wanted as part of a PC bundle.

The price was good and the postage was only 9.99GBP so i thought thats for me.

When i get it, the printer has had its genuine inks removed and cheap generic ones put in their place. This annoyed me to start with. But when i try to use the printer the black ink head does not work! After doing lots of head cleans, replacing inks and trying again, etc etc i give up and decide that the printer is faulty.

I complain to Paypal and after a lot of emails back and forth, they find in my favour and advise me once i return it to the seller i will get a full refund.

But wait, i find out to my dismay, its up to me to return the item and pay for it myself, and only then will i get my full refund. So i return it, and remember its a printer (not small or light) so it costs me 17.99GBP to get it sent safely and with a tracking number as this is what Paypal need to ensure i return it.

So moral of this story, think twice about buying heavy items from ebay as if its faulty Paypal will only give you back what you paid the seller.

In my case i don't have a printer and it cost me 17.99GBP for the priviledge of not having one............................

Not impressed.........................................BUYER BEWARE

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