PayPal NOT pulling their weight & fighting the scams!

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I agree with Shona*Wade on PayPal refunds.  I too, filed a refund claim with them for a coat I had bought from a seller claiming it to be a well-known designer brand in her title, but in reality it was from a cheap, not very desirable, High Street chain - on top of which, it was well worn (as opposed to being worn once!) and had a ripped seam.  Although the bill, at the end of the day, was not as fretful as Shona's, it was the principle of the matter that cheesed me off the most.  PayPal came out in favour of me too, and the same procedure was advised i.e. to send the coat back to the seller (under my own expense), whereby it was possible I could receive a refund of the money I had paid less the cost of the return postage.  Of course, like Shona, they did not commit to my receiving a refund, merely stating that it 'may be' possible.  I did not persue my claim any further either and the seller went on to sell more bogus goods to more bogus people, no doubt.  I don't know what to do...I like the convenience of PayPal, but all I can say and do is to NOT rely on their protection promise and bear that in mind when purchasing items for large sums of money!  I did have another cause to refer to their refund policy before this occasion when I stupidly sent a postal order payment to another criminal seller for a computer game for my young son.  He said he was unable to accept any other forms of payment (wonder why??!!!).  He then went on to claim he had not received the PO, as he did with other buyers it soon transpired.  But I was soon to find-out that it fell just below the minimum amount for PayPal to even start to consider re-imbursing (excuse the terminology, 'cause they don't do they!). Of course the seller in the meantime went on to con a number of other un-suspecting buyers before eventually being sent to Coventry by eBay themselves - this in itself took some time to achieve!  It seems that eBay can be and is a hotbed for con-artists and downright dishonest 'ordinary' folk aswell, we just have to be very judgemental before we even begin to start bidding on a seller's item and certainly anyone with a feedback profile shown as 'private' shouldn't be touched with a barge pole! - pornographic items or not, why eBay allow this is beyond me!

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