PayPal Seller problems - transaction reversal!

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I noticed all of the Paypal problems recenty posted.

Can I ask ALL of you who have had a problem to post a guide on here sharing their experience and then copy it to Paypal via the secure site.

if enough of us do this then maybe they will take notice.

I have already had 3 reasonaby big transactions reversed in 3 months, after 5 years of trouble free ebaying.

Buyers now know they can query a transaction and effectively put a block on your money, thereby holding a gun against you head.   They then ask for a discount in order to settle the case.  It appears to be commonplace on larger transactions, as the seller cannot then use their paypal account until the case is settled.  Paypal reverse the transaction, leaving you with a negative balance.

The whole paypal thing is becoming unuseable from a seller point of view.

A guide featuring an alternative service would be useful too!
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