PayPal and American Express - AmEx

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So much has been written about PayPal; I have no intentions to repeat the same. One thing that has still to explained to me is that I have registered my American Express credit card with PayPal to make payments. Obviously I am based in UK, my card is based in UK and all my eBay transactions are based in UK. But for some strange reason PayPal always convert the amount into US Dollars and then back to GB Pounds. And guess what - the converted amount is always HIGHER than the original that was paid to the seller. This difference is typically 5-10 percent; so a transaction of £100 can cost me £110 for no reason. I have tried to get this issue resolved on so many occasions both with PayPal and American Express but no one so far has taken the responsibility. I am still trying to get all the additional monies back but am struggling.

I too have taken PayPal off my preferred methods to receive payments. Cheque, money order and direct bank deposit/transfer is what I usually ask for. If the buyer still wants to pay the addtional PayPal charges, they are welcome.

In case anyone has any comments, you can write to me; my eBay user name is doctorincambridge
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