PayPal for Buyers

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PayPal for Buyers

The best, safest method of payment for a buyer is PayPal; all payments made via this payment method are covered in the case of non-receipt *INR* or items not as described *SNAD*.

Sellers with less than 50 feedback and/or a feedback percentage of less than 97.5% have protection on their listings to 150.00 *Lower Tier Protection*, this means that should you not receive your item you are guaranteed a refund to that amount.  This cover also applies to items that arrive SNAD, please bear in mind that should the item not be as described/damaged, you may be asked to provide supporting evidence to confirm the item is not as described.

High Tier Protection of 500.00 can be found on listings whereby the seller has a feedback score of more than 97.5% and has above 50 feedback - if they do fit this criteria yet only offer the lower tier it could be because they are unverified.

Endeavour where possible to fund high value purchases *especially those above 500.00* with a credit card that allows PayPal chargebacks, thus affording you protection for 180.00 with your card provider on purchases above 100.00, some not all providers allow chargebacks and it is wise to check therefore before making a high value purchase.


Not as described could relate to yourself purchasing an memory card which was sold has having 4gb memory but upon arrival you discover it only has 2gb, or purchasing a ring described as 9ct gold however upon arrival it is in fact plate.


Claims for SNAD or INR have to be initiated within 45 days of the purchase date, after initiating a dispute you have 20 days to escalate to a claim, thus affording the seller time to resolve the situation amicably, if however you feel you have already endeavoured to sort with the seller you can escalate immediately.

Whilst PayPal states you cannot initiate a dispute for ten days, this is in fact untrue, because you do not have to wait if it becomes apparent you are not going to receive the goods i.e High Value Scam Listing, Seller No Longer Registered.


Do not return an item to a seller until PayPal tell you to do so, they will give you an address where to return to and you have to return via online trackable means i.e Signed For at your own expense.  When you have sent back your item, put the tracking number within PayPal and your refund will be forthcoming.


Depending on the way in which you funded your payment determines how the refund is processed, if you funded via PayPal funds/Direct Debit/Debit Card the funds will go back into your PayPal account, if you funded via Credit Card the funds will go back on your card and take longer.

Most refunds are instant, however a waiting period of approximately 7 days is wise for a credit card funded payment.


You can only make one claim per listing, so if you initiate a dispute for Item Not Received and it arrives Not As Described you cannot change the dispute, it is therefore prudent to wait as long as possible before initiating an INR Dispute.

Good Luck with your purchases and Buy Safe - Pay Via PayPal
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