PayPal from a Buyers Perspective

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I'm sharing some recent bad experiences with PayPal which might not be obvious when you are a Buyer (Seller pays a percentage of the auction price to PayPal to receive the money you send)

I've had Ebay deals go wrong when the seller either claimed at the time of despatch there was a problem with the item I won (??) and made a PayPal payment which then incurred charges. Or a Seller couldn't supply an item because they were sourcing from another supplier who couldn't deliver.

In the last case a seller can make a refund of the amount you paid and it will arrive back in your account with no charges BUT AFTER 10 WORKING DAYS. when your payment left pretty quick. In practice you could be waiting 3 weeks even on a high value item.

Unfortunately, I can't detach my PayPal experience from Ebay as a market place and I gather sellers in future will have to offer PayPal so buyer beware, not just on items you bid, but the possible consequences if you pay with PayPal. I'm considering offering BACS as a payment method, with discount if used less than PayPal charges if used.

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