PayPal is useless & unprotected ......BAD....BAD....BAD

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I bought a mobile phone for $480 thru Paypal. Well as you can see i'm new to Ebay. I did'nt get the phone. I called the seller, he lives about within 5 miles from me.  He told me that he did'nt withdraw the funds yet. I then called Paypal everyday for 2 weeks with frustration. They did'nt help me much. Paypal told me that they have all the info from the seller such as...Bank card..ect...and that they will HELP me with getting money back from the seller...Well, It's been over 9 months now and i have'nt heard anything from them. I don't know about some of you out there, but to me...personally Paypal is not worth of dealing with.
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